Addressing Vulnerabilities and System Design Changes Needed to Stay Connected and Protected

Our Automotive Cyber Security series has proved to present the hottest and most pertinent topics within the automotive cyber sector. A combined 250+ attendees filled our most recent iterations, with a massive 65% increase in attendance over the past year.

We learned from GM, Kia, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz (to name a few!) about how the Automotive Cyber Security market will globally grow to over $700 million by 2025. Over 60 million vehicles are predicted to be using cyber security solutions and services within the next decade.

As more automotive companies demand cyber security solutions to ensure the safety of connected vehicles from cyber attacks, the conversation must be expanded. That’s where the 6th Automotive Cyber Security Summit – Silicon Valley 2017 comes in, covering stories from OEM and Tier-1 suppliers that relate to cyber security threats, enterprise IT security, federal and state regulations, and end to end cloud security.

New and Improved Topics for this October:

  • Equipping Vehicles with End to End Cloud Security
  • Software Approaches to Cyber Security and the Future of ECUs
  • New Practices for Developing and Implementing Cyber Security Solutions
  • Improving Security to Wireless Interfaces within a Vehicle
  • Federal and State Standards for Automotive Cyber Security

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