Doug Moeller

VP of Connectivity
Doug Moeller leads the Connectivity Engineering group at LearCorporation where they develop solutions relating to Cellular Connectivity,WiFi, Cyber-Security, and Over-The-Air updates.  As a leading Tier 1supplier, Lear acquired the Intellectual Property and engineering team fromAutonet Mobile in 2015.

Mr. Moeller co-founded Autonet Mobile as the first Internet Service Providerfor cars.  Mr. Moeller served as CTO and invented Autonet Mobile'sproprietary TRU Technology® that provides the most reliable and secure IP basedconnectivity to vehicles.  Under Mr. Moeller's leadership, Autonet Mobilehas developed an end-to-end IP telematics solution for vehicles that providesTCU's, End User Applications, Management Systems, Customer Service, Billingsystems and OEM focused applications.  The Autonet Mobile Solution isoffered by numerous OEM's such as Chrysler, Maserati, GM, Subaru andMercedes. 

Mr. Moeller holds numerous patents in the networking field and is currentlyfocused on developing new technology for the Connected Car market with a focuson security, driver interaction/wearables, Over-The-Air updates and Autonomicnetworking for vehicles.

Prior to Autonet Mobile,  Mr. Moeller has had a successful career as theLeader of Nortel’s Innovation Lab, which he founded after the Bay Networksacquisition and prior Wellfleet/Synoptics merger.  His focus has always topursue new technologies and to figure out ways to make them more accessible anduseful in the "real world".  He led standards bodies efforts andinteroperability programs for technologies such as VoIP, IP Multicast, IPv6,Mesh networking and IP QoS.  Mr. Moeller also served as the  VP ofTechnology for the Advanced Telecom Group and developed the largestinteroperability lab for PSTN providers to test and develop migration plans forVoIP and other IP based services.