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Automotive Cybersecurity 2019 Event Guide

Check out the 2019 Automotive Cybersecurity official agenda to get a glimpse into which speakers, workshops and sessions you can expect this March 27-29 ...

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What is the Real Cost of an Automotive Data Breach?

Did you know that you're more likely to experience a data breach* (27.9%) of at least ten-thousand records, than you are likely to catch the flu this winter (5-20%)? With this in mind, we took an in-depth look at the real cost of an automotive data breach, as well as:Statistics...

Ensuring Vehicle Cyber Resiliency in 2019 & Beyond

Ahead of the summit, we sat down with the members of our advisory board to discuss:The role of artificial intelligence in automotive cybersecurity and how it will evolve over the next five yearsKey objectives and priorities for cybersecurity in 2019How to most accurately secure V2X communicationsThe largest cybersecurity threats facing...

The Future of Automotive Cybersecurity

The rapid adoption of connected vehicle technology and the trend toward autonomous driving continue to highlight issues of cybersecurity in the automotive industry. Connectivity has several significant benefits, not least a huge advance in road safety, but vehicles are becoming increasingly complex due to the requirement for a greater number...

Cyber Security for a Connected Car: Strategic Priorities for 2019

We surveyed 325+ global automotive experts to learn where they are on their cyber security journey as the industry prepares for a connected future, their largest cyber security concerns, and how these concerns have impacted their strategic priorities for 2019.  As vehicles become more and more connected, the systems become...

Automotive Cyber Security eBook

This exclusive ebook includes:ARTICLE #1 "How vulnerable are automakers to cyber attacks?"INFOGRAPHIC "Carjacking - risks of the internet-connected car"WHITEPAPER "Connected car driving change in defect detection"ARTICLE #2 "When does a cyber attack become a functional safety issue?"PRESENTATION #1 "Volvo presents collaborative security"PRESENTATION #2 "Stanley Law Group presents legal concerns for...

Past Presentations

Past Presentation Packet

In preparation for Cyber Security for Automotive 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on: Structuring Methods for Returning Self-driving Vehicles to a Safe State Immediately After System is Compromised: Scott Andrews, VP Technology, Connected Vehicle Trade AssociationModeling Safety Security Interdependencies:...

Perfecting Incident Response and Resilience

Nicholas J. Multari, PhD, Principal PM for Cybersecurity, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Rich Pietravalle, Principal, The MITRE Corporation, present on perfecting automotive cyber security incident response, the impact on connected vehicle infrastructures, and much more.

Identifying the Top Vehicle Cyber Security Essentials

Timothy Frasier, Regional President Automotive Electronics, North America, Robert Bosch LLC, presents on:Developing in-house policies to increase auto cyber security best practicesAuditing your auto supply chain to ensure secure device developmentWorking across silos to implement auto cyber security best practices

Correlation of Cybersecurity and Autonomous Vehicle Architectures for End to End Security

Sriram Yarlagadda, Cybersecurity Architect, Aptiv, presents on secure and smart mobility vehicle architecture.

Modeling Safety Security Interdependencies

Kholoud Hatem, Functional Safety Manager, HELLA, presents on: Common methodologies of managing safety and security in automotive industry by applying existing standards.Nonappearance of the commonalities between the safety scope and the security scope. Even though it is mandatory to address safety security interferences.New approach of mapping the safety and security...

Securing Methods for Returning Self-Driving Vehicles to a Safe State Immediately After System is Compromised

Scott Andrews, VP Technology, Connected Vehicle Trade Association, presents on: Developing a “safe mode” in the event of an attack to mitigate damage and quickly restore systemsMaintaining or reintroducing some basic analog control in an increasingly digital environmentDeveloping object and event detection and response and post-crash behavior

Building Secure ECU's and the First Steps Towards Resilient Architectures

Andre Weimerskirch, Vice President of Cyber Security at the Lear Corporation, presents on how to design and implement a secure connected gateway, and how that secure connected gateway will significantly improve each vehicle’s security and eventually lead to resilient vehicle architectures. Andre Weimerskirch additionally shares how to:Design and implement a...

Securing Vehicles of the Future: Privacy, Cyber Security, and Product Liability

The rapid technological development of connected and autonomous vehicles requires fresh and constant attention to physical and cyber security. We will explore the future design and development of cyber security elements within vehicles of the future and discuss the corresponding legal considerations. With the lack of special legislation, courts look...

Assessing Enterprise Cyber Security Risk: Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Predicting Risk

Based on DHS-funded academic research, advances in Internet threat detection have evolved into enterprise-grade tools capable of performing a complex assessment of network security. The result is an empirical score that forecasts the likelihood of a material data breach. Douglas Clare, Vice President of FICO, presents on what you need...

Cybersecurity at the Data Link Connector ISO 26262 USA

In his presentation, Mr. Gruszczynski, OBD Communication Expert at Volkswagen Group of America, discusses current and potential future activities in methods of securing the Data Link Connector (DLC) (commonly referred to as the “OBD-II Port”) from the cybersecurity risks posed by the existence of this connector.  


Upstream Security 2019 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report

Check out the report to gain insights on: The state of automotive cyber-attacksRapid growth of cyber attacks year on yearMajor automotive cyber-incidents of 2018and more!

Cyber Security Challenges & Focuses 2019 Market Report

Cyber Security Hub fielded an email survey to subscribers in October 2018 to identify enterprise cyber security trends. Cyber Security Hub received 286 survey completions. Responses were further narrowed to only those describing themselves as cyber security project owners with direct responsibility and cyber security organizational influencers, which resulted in...

Cyber Security Regulatory Challenges

The automotive industry is changing at a faster pace than ever before, propelled forward by advances in technology which break the traditional developmental cycle mold. Self-driving vehicles, electrification and connected services are driving rapid development and while new technologies offer exciting possibilities, the industry as a whole must counterbalance this...

The Autonomous Technology Transformation

We surveyed 325+ global automotive leaders to identify where car manufacturers are on their journey towards autonomous, how they’re capitalizing on this opportunity for reinvention and the key challenges they’re facing as a result. This report aims to not only present a snapshot of the current state of autonomous, but...


Autonomous Vehicle Technology

This thorough, 200-page report, courtesy of the RAND Transportation, Space, and Technology Program, explores legislative activity, cyber hacks, the role of telematics and communications, and liability implications, among many other topics surrounding autonomous cars.

Rolling Out the Next-Generation of Cybersecurity

The rapid adoption of connected vehicle technology and the trend towards autonomous driving has highlighted the issue of cybersecurity in the automotive industry. What does the future of protecting against existing and unknown threats look like?


8 Tips to Prevent Autonomous Vehicle Cyber Breach Liability

This article takes a look at how companies in the AV industry can best position themselves to avoid liability for a cyber breach.  The reality is that no matter how many steps are taken to prevent a breach, the threat cannot be entirely eliminated.  Even if every reasonable step is...

The Cyber Risks Associated with Connected Cars

Digital transformation is affecting every business sector, and the automotive industry is no exception. Thanks to innovative software engineers and auto manufacturers, smart, fully connected vehicles are coming to the streets, giving more freedom and comfort to their drivers. The largest cyber concern for connected cars is that once a...


Auto-ISAC on: Automotive Cybersecurity Trends & Challenges to Watch in 2019

We sat down with Faye Francy, the Executive Director of Auto-ISAC, to discuss the latest trends in challenges in automotive cyber security. In her current role, Francy serves the global automotive industry through the analysis and sharing of trusted and timely cyber threat information about existing or potential cyber-related threats...


The Dangers of Connected Cars

As connectivity continues to steadily increase, connected and self-driving cars are becoming more at risk of being discovered and hacked. This video breaks down the top cyber security vulnerabilities that arise with connectivity. With 200 million connected cars estimated to be on the roads by 2020, cyber security is the...

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