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2018 Event Guide

2018 Event Guide

Major automotive manufacturers and suppliers are now getting ready to unveil some of their cyber security secrets. Check out the current event guide for a deep dive into the speakers and sessions most important to you!

Automotive Cyber Security Trends & Challenges to Watch in 2019

We sat down with Faye Francy, Executive Director of Auto-ISAC, to discuss the latest trends and challenges in automotive cyber security. In her current position, Francy serves the global automotive industry through the analysis and sharing of trusted and timely cyber threat information about existing or potential cyber-related threats and vulnerabilities for on-road vehicle electronics and associated networks. The Auto-ISAC is the global industry’s leading voice for cyber security, giving members a seat at the table where industry best practices and future governmental requirements are shaped. In this exclusive interview, Francy addresses:

  • The role of artificial intelligence in cyber security and how it will evolve over the next five years
  • The single most important challenge in automotive cyber security: information sharing
  • And much more!