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24 - 26 October, 2018
The Marker San Francisco

Victoria Coleman

Senior Fellow
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

Victoria is a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. She was most recently Senior Vice President
& Chief Technology Officer for the Connected Home Division of Technicolor. As Senior Vice President of R&D at
Harman she was responsible for leading the core technology platforms of the Infotainment Division including
systems and software, media, tuner, navigation, connectivity and ADAS (advanced driver assist systems). She was
previously Vice President Engineering at Yahoo! Inc. where she led Yahoo! Membership, web presentation
technologies such as YUI, mobile web services, notification services, backend SDKs including accounts and
messaging, mobile application testing at scale services and the Yahoo! Developer Network.

As Vice President, Emerging Platforms at Nokia she led an end to end organization including product & program
management, industrial design, product creation, core platform, user experience platform and interaction design
teams. Prior to Nokia she was Vice President, Software Engineering at HP Palm where she led the webOS Platform
team that brought to market the HP Veer, Pre3 and the Touchpad in 2011. She served as Vice President of
Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology where she was in charge of the Computer Science Laboratory in San
Jose, CA with responsibility for disruptive innovation in consumer platforms and solutions.

As Director for Security Initiatives for Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group she was responsible for defining the
company’s security technology roadmap and translating it to product delivery. During this time, she was
instrumental in bringing Intel’s LaGrande Technology across the server processor and chipset product line. Victoria
has also had roles as the Director of the Trusted Platform Laboratory and the Trust and Manageability Laboratory
in Intel's Corporate Technology Group and as the founding Director of the System Design Laboratory with SRI
International. She was a tenured professor with the University of London for ten years. In 1995 she authored the
landmark UK Ministry of Defence DefStan 00-56 which created the legal framework for the safety of
programmable electronic systems procurement by the MoD. In 2004, she founded the Cybersecurity Research
Center on behalf of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Victoria is a member of the Defense Science Board, a member of Lockheed Martin’s Technology Advisory Group
and a member of the Advisory Board of the Santa Clara University Department of Computer Engineering. She
previously served on DARPA's Information Science and Technology advisory group as well as DARPA’s Defense
Sciences Research Council. Dr. Coleman received her B.Sc and M.Sc in Electronic Computer Systems and Computer
Aided Logic Design respectively from the University of Salford, UK and her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the
University of Manchester, UK. She holds 4 patents and is the author of over 60 articles and books.

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